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The immortality of the Soul

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Maybe the title sound odd, but I will write exactly about this, meaning the immortality of the soul.

A piece of heaven it lays in each of us. Our soul is part of the Great Creation, a Divine Sparkle. It was given to us to keep it and to nurture good things. It was given to this Earth to take care of it as a temple.

You have to realize how important is this. Think about the fact that not even Angels have a soul. Yes, they are pure beings of Light which can love unconditionally anytime, anywhere and anything. They can not be upset or worried. But they are there for you, each second. They are there to protect you, to guide you and pray for you. But they have no soul, their meaning is another one. The Soul is a gift for us from Divinity and it must be cherrished.

But how can we take care of our soul?

I come back each time with same things. But I come back to them because they are important and we must take them into consideration.

We should pray more and do good deeds. Maybe if we do not pray, let’s raise our eyes to the sky and thank to the Divinity for everything. You could do voluntary work, you could help someone to finish a project without asking anything else in return. You can help an old lady to cross the street, or to help an wounded animal, and so on.

Your thanks can go to the sky in thousands of ways. You just need to pick one which is perfect for your soul.

To connect to your soul, first of all you must be centered into your heart. You can focus your attention to the heart area and imagine how you go down to her with a ladder or something similar, and go hug it. You can also see a door which invites you in. Do not hesitate to go deep into your heart.

After you are centered in the heart, focus your attention in the middle of your body. There is a warm, powerful and heated light which awaits you. That is your soul, which accompanies you in your journey on Earth.

Visualise how that light goes up and covers all of your body. Feel that Divine Sparkling within you how it soothes you, how it calmes you down and protects you.

This is what makes you be more beautiful. The warmth of your soul, and not the exterior appearances.

You can come back everytime you want to feel the warmth of your soul through a simple meditation.


With love,